About Sharon Jebavy – Ohio Up Front Fee MLS Broker



Sharon Young Jebavy, has been an active Ohio Realtor since 1989. 


Sharon pioneered Up Front Fee MLS listing in Ohio and was a member of the task force that wrote the Ohio Limited Service Law (Up Front or Flat Fee) in 2006.

Sharon went back to school after working several years in other companies and graduated with a real estate degree from Hondros College, the premier business college in Ohio in 1996.  That was the year she opened her first brokerage and continued to practice traditional real estate until June 2001, when she had a new idea …. up front fee listing!  She says she ‘fumbled and bumbled’ her way to creating a new business model.

The Wall Street Journal

In 2005 Sharon got into a disagreement with the Cleveland MLS and ended up as the main story on the front page of The Wall Street Journal.  She describes it as her 15 minutes of fame.  She paid a fine to the MLS for allowing sellers to use FSBO signs and settled the issue.  There was no place to go but higher and better!  You won’t find a more honest person and her work ethic and integrity may be equaled but they won’t be surpassed!  Customer Service is Job #1.

Sharon got into real estate because her engineer husband had a massive heart attack at age 43.  She stayed because she liked the rewards of not only making an income but of helping Ohio residents get their properties SOLD for half the cost of traditional real estate!

Up Front Fee MLS System

Sharon is a widow with an adult son, a cherished daughter-in-law and one grandchild whom she calls her “One and Onlies.”

We urge you to give Sharon a try.  You will always and only work directly with Sharon throughout your listing and sale…you can count on her being customer service oriented the entire time…that accounts for her repeat business and referrals!