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HomeWise Realtors have always cared for every customer who lists with us. You are in good hands. Thirty-five years of experience will negotiate the highest price and options to sell your home. The sale of your home should be a pleasant experience for you and the buyer! Welcome to HomeWise Flat Fee! To understand flat fee check out our What is Flat Fee page!


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“I have a part-time business flipping houses and have worked with HomeWise over the past ten years to sell my homes.  The cost savings offered by HomeWise have enabled me to improve my bottom line substantially.  Sharon and the team at HomeWise make the process easy, and the communications to coordinate showings and shepherd the deals to closing are excellent.  I frequently recommend HomeWise to my friends and family.” 


“HomeWise has been at the forefront of the movement to offer flat fee real estate services, having done so since 2001.  I have hired Sharon repeatedly over the past four years to assist with selling my home(s) and have always been pleased.  Professional, knowledgeable, and responsive.  I highly recommend doing business with this group.” 


Realtor Flat Fee options and explanations to fit your needs…

  • 4.5% is for the customer who does not want to pay an upfront fee but chooses to pay HomeWise at their home’s closing, which comes from the sale price. 


  • $1,500 is the popular option for most people. It is the upfront flat fee, and the seller pays nothing to HomeWise at closing. The only commission at closing is to the buyer agent, which is typically 3% 


  • $899 option is for experienced investors who know how to negotiate their contracts and get it to closing on their own. 

What is the MLS?

Multiple Listing Service

The multiple listing service, or MLS, is a facility that allows real estate professionals to learn about and share local property listings in support of the interests of clients and customers. Realtor agents enjoy an economical, efficient system of sharing accurate property information and facilitating cooperative transactions. At the same time, their clients and customers can access the most accurate and up-to-date property information available. To understand more, go to our What is MLS page!

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Please don’t hesitate to call Sharon, your Flat Fee Realtor & Broker! Her 35 years of experience can help guide you to be at rest, and know there is no reason to hesitate to list with HomeWise! You are in good hands.
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HomeWise has consistently been on the front lines of care in the real estate industry to ensure every customer’s need is met. HomeWise goes out of its way to make you feel safe. We will make sure the sale of your home is seamless as possible! Your listing will get maximum exposure and go live on many realtor websites, such as zillow.com! Thank you for choosing HomeWise Real Estate, LLC! The place for professional and personal Realtor services. 

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