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Coming Together in Negotiating

Can you negotiate with real estate agents? When listing or purchasing a home, there is always room for negotiation. You may be trying for a higher offer from a buyer or getting sellers to lower what they will take for a property. You can pretty much always expect to negotiate in a real estate transaction.

Less common but equally important is negotiating with real estate agents. Both those who represent you and those representing the other party.

Only half of all homeowners negotiate with their agents before listing. Missing out on savings and better terms.

With Sharon, you get the best negotiating experience to get you the best deal for your home! A professional with 35 years of experience gives Sharon an edge over most inexperienced real estate agents which gets you the best deal!

What is Negotiable?

Anything on the contract is negotiable. You can negotiate appliances, lawnmowers, and incomplete jobs that need to be finished. Nothing is off the table in the negotiation process.

Getting the right deal is a balancing act because some negotiations can kill a deal. This is why working with HomeWIse’s experienced broker is always good!

Some of the main negotiations that you will most likely have to think about are:

  • Home price – how much the buyer will pay
  • Closing date – when the ownership changes hands
  • Rent back – after closing, how long the previous owner can stay, and who covers that cost
  • Repairs – who will pay for any repairs that need to be made
  • Closing costs – who pays closing costs
  • Contingencies – whether to include an appraisal, inspection, and other contingencies

These are all things that can make an offer more or less appealing. You can ask for what you want in these items and negotiate until it fits what you feel is appropriate for your home.

How to Negotiate

Entering into a negotiation may seem intimidating. Luckily, as the seller, you usually have more control as you already own the property someone else wants. Unless you are in a desperate situation, there is no need to accept terms you are not entirely comfortable with. This is why having an experienced negotiator on your side is imperative! HomeWise is the answer!

Tips for Negotiating the Sale of Your Home

As a seller, you must be well-equipped with helpful negotiation tips:

  • Get your property inspected to understand precisely what you’re selling. Pay special attention to the state of your home’s structure, electrical and heating systems, and any safety hazards your buyers can encounter during the negotiation phase.

  • Get a real estate agent/broker with remarkable negotiation skills, such as Sharon at HomeWise, and let her handle the process. Sharon can emotionally detach herself from your property during negotiations and concentrate on getting an outcome.

  • Price ahead of the market. Speak with Sharon to familiarize yourself with local market trends and your property’s worth in the coming weeks. If you know what market you’re currently negotiating in, you’ll have a better idea of how much negotiating power you have against your buyer.

  • Set a timeline and stick to it. To sell your home quickly, you can put a short expiration time on your counteroffer. This way, your buyer will be compelled to make a decision quicker.
  • Open your house to potential buyers. A home can only be sold if someone gets to see it, so let them. Accept requests for showings and hold open houses.

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