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Listing Option 2

Listing Choice 2

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Option 2

Option 2 Includes

All listings look-alike in the MLS. You cannot tell the difference between any listing.

This prevents big corporations from paying to get above everyone else and keeps the playing field even between all sellers.

HomeWise always takes care of its customers and treats them how they would want to be treated. We are not a big corporation with a ton of overhead, allowing us to offer the Flat Fee discounted rate!


Stands for multiple listing services and involves agents cooperating to produce buyers for many property listings. 

MLS concept stems from the late 1800s when brokers met and discussed properties for sale and options for listing. If one agent had an interested buyer, the listing agent would agree to split the profits, creating a beneficial transaction.

Licensed real estate agents or brokers can only access an MLS, a disadvantage for For Sale By Owner.

Agents have access to multiple MLS systems by paying dues to be a part of a region-specific MLS. Information from this then gets pulled into multiple popular national listings services.

Full Access

HomeWise has full access to any MLS you need to list in. Any listing option you choose will look the same as any other listing. All MLS listings will post on hundreds of national listing services for maximum exposure!

MLS listings will give your property higher exposure, so connect with a qualified home buyer.

Only qualified agents have access, potential home buyers will also be vetted. This is an excellent option because your agent will only be contacted on behalf of serious, qualified buyers. This translates to more value for the sale of your home.

Maximum Exposure for your home

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