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Kentucky Girl

Kentucky Girl

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Sharon grew up on a small farm

Born in Columbus, my parents moved to the hills of Kentucky, where I spent the first 4.5 years of my life…idyllically on the farm with my brother, who was three years older than me. 

Then my family moved back to Columbus from Kentucky in Dad’s 1931 Model A Ford, never to leave again. 

I grew up in what is now Italian Village, very different from the old Kentucky farmhouse. The house was built when Thomas Jefferson was president and graduated from Central High School.  After I became a Realtor, I went to Hondros College and earned a business degree in real estate. 

I passed the exam for my broker’s license and set out on my own.  

I am creative in business…thinking out of the box…what can I do differently to help people better

It should not cost a seller 6% to sell!  I was the first in Ohio to offer a flat fee MLS listing, which got me on the front page of the Wall Street Journal

This innovative idea has been wildly successful, and I have never looked back!

You don’t have to burn equity paying the traditional commission of 6% with Sharon at HomeWise.

You receive all the same benefits as a traditional listing but pay half the commission collected at closing.

The money for the realtor commission comes out of the seller’s proceeds from the sale. This includes the realtor fees for both the seller’s agent (often called the “listing agent” because they list the home for sale) and the agent representing the buyer.

HomeWise is the new way of doing real estate!

List today; you will love your experience!

Kentucky girl gets on cover of Wall Street Journal

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If you have any questions please email Sharon or call: 614-432-7325

Email: Sharon@homewisemls.com