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$1,500 Maximum Exposure Gold

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How Flat Fee Came To Ohio

The $1500 Upfront option came the idea of Flat Fee!

Hello!  I am Sharon Young Jebavy.  I own HomeWise Real Estate, and I am the Broker.  I started my real estate career more than 30 years ago in Columbus and practiced traditional real estate for several years.

I earned my Broker license in 1996 and opened my own company.

In June 2001, I watched a FSBO show on cable, and it occurred to me that these FSBO sellers might list in the Realtor MLS if they didn‘t have to pay 6%, divided as 3% for the listing company and 3% for the buyer agent company. 

I copied down 30 addresses from the FSBO show and mailed out flyers offering to list them in the Columbus MLS for $500 upfront, and sellers would only pay 3% to the buyer agent’s company at closing! 

What an idea! 

I mailed these 30 flyers and got five listings!  I knew I was onto something!

Getting Things Rolling

I fumbled with the idea until I figured out all the ins and outs and created a flat fee business…the first in Ohio in June 2001.  That’s all she wrote!

I began without even having a website; I mailed flyers.  Soon I had two full-time people who just put my listings in the MLS. 

I ended up as the main story on the front page of The Wall Street Journal…my 15 minutes of fame!  I joined other Ohio MLSs in big metro areas all around the state.  It has been growing ever since!

Every Seller Needs To Know This

Some things every seller should know…be assured there isn’t anything any Realtor can do in selling or buying homes that every other Realtor can’t do.  Nothing

I had one Grandview (Columbus burb)  area seller who listed his $700,000+ home with me and changed his mind the next day.  Another Realtor had told him that “HE could offer him a virtual tour,” and this seller listed with the other Realtor and paid $21,000 more in commission at closing than he would have paid had he listed with me…all for a virtual tour that he could have purchased separately for about $350. 

All a seller has to do is have a photographer do a virtual tour, have it sent to me, and I post it to the seller’s listing!  I am sure the house sold before the virtual tour was even finished! 

$21,000.  Unreal. 

This is why I started my brokerage. 

There had to be a better way.

Available 24/7

I am available all the time by phone…call, or text.  If you have to leave a voicemail, I guarantee to return your call within minutes, not hours!  My tagline is “Service by phone 24/7,” and I mean it.   

I have earned a Real Estate Technology Degree from Hondros College, the premiere business college in Ohio. 

I was originally licensed in February 1989 and usually sold over 100 homes yearly.  Most agents doing good generally sell about 20 homes a year +/-. 

I also hold the Accredited Buyer Representative designation from the National Association of Realtors, so I have an in-depth understanding of buyers!

Try me!  I guarantee you will like what I can do for you and the money you save!

I Made It In The Wall Street Journal